Saturday, October 29, 2011

Puli Ingi/Ginger in spicy tamarind gravy-A great way to sneak the ginger into an yummy dish

Puli ingi


I had so much of ginger left in my fridge and the first dish that came to ma mind was “puli ingi”.Though pealing the skin and cutting it into fine pieces is definitely a tedious process I thought of the outcome and tried ma hand on it for the first time.The outcome was just yummilicious.If ginger is not sneaked in this form I am sure I would not even touch the dish.Thanks to Lakshmi mami who gave us the snape shot of this dish and the very same day I tried it and loved it.



Ginger 3 big size gingers
mustard seeds 1 tsp
curry leaves a sprig
asafetida a generous pinch
turmeric powder a pinch
tamarind a small ball size
Green chilies 4
jaggery a small piece
water 2 cups
oil 2 tsp
Salt as required



1.Wash and peal the skin of the ginger.Cut it into fine pieces.

2.Cut green chilies into fine pieces.

3.Add water to the tamarind and squeeze juice from it.

4.Take a wok add oil and wait till it gets heated.Add mustard seeds,once it splutters add curry leaves,green chilies and ginger pieces followed by asafetida,salt and turmeric powder.

5.Stir well in medium heat for 5 minutes and then add the tamarind water and change the flame to high.

6.Wait till tamarind water completely boils …when it gets boiled and before the tamarind water gets completely absorbed add jaggery and stir well and wait for it to solve completely.

7.When all the tamarind water is absorbed and the whole mixture turns to solid,switch off the stove.

8.Allow it to cool and store it in airtight container.



1.You can replace green chilies with chili powder.

2.If you do not want the recipe to be solid you can complete the recipe when it  is at gravy stage.I wanted it to be a solid one and did wait for the tamarind water to get observed.

3.I love to have it as side dish with curd rice

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