Tuesday, July 26, 2011

About Me

I thought the “About me”  page of my blog looks so bland and I was meaning to update it for long but the laziness in me, never allowed to do it… Time and again I sat and pushed myself hard and Voila the result is this page J

Till my college I never gave so much of importance to my food…The regular preferred lunch box menu of mine would be curd rice and pickle…and yay I always preferred varieties in pickle so my mom always was into the laborious process of preparing at least 4 varieties on a regular basis…Many people scared me saying curd rice alone will never take me anywhere but least did I bother…

Then came an important phase in my life…Work J Like many I moved to a different city to earn my bread and butter…New city, away from home made me to long for my mom’s food…That period was an eye opener for me…Only then I started to realize how divine my mom food is! I had no option but to eat out and that it did give a toll on  my health…I searched for all the possible options and finally scored it out to self cooking J Hold on, not much of cooking but cooking that can satisfy my hunger pangs…Mom prepared ready mixes and I got an electric cooker…From there started my cooking journey…Initially I managed to cook rice and satisfied my hunger pangs with curd and pickle but gradually moved to a next level…I started to make pongal,vegetable pulao and variety rice all by using my electric cooker J

Days moved and I did not put any efforts to learn cooking…The Dday arrived and I got married…Now that I have to cook for my new family, I had no clue but to try learning the recipes as much I could…Thanks to the scientific inventions ,I survive with my mobile…Every time I start a  recipe, I call my mom and ask her for portions…Ask her for 100 times, she still explains me so that I manage to master the recipe so well, even any would master it…Being a vegetarian that I am (sans egg) my initial days of learning were totally devoted to sambhar, rasam and kari(vegetables)…Then it was a gradual transition…Whenever we had get together at home,I started to indulge myself and try my hands on Puloa and other rice varieties…The transition continues and I now started to try my hands on desserts which is my mom’s forte…

When you have bro and hubby who are very much like you and love to eat good food,I have no option but to try every possible ways to make my food taste yummy J My mother-in-law is also very much studious in trying recipes so I do get a good company and ideas from her…

Birth of my blog:

                After marriage my love towards food became four much J And when I was in my maternity leave ,I thought to document all the recipes from my mom so that it will be an easy reference for me and from there started the journey.

Recipes of my blog:
I have not tried many cuisines, so my blog would predominately be devoted to vegetarian traditional food for now but I wish I try out different things and will post soon it J

Just a cookery blog?

I don’t just want to post the recipes and stop there but I wish to do “restaurant reviews”, ”product reviews” and share information related to food. Also I would like to make it mélange and lively JWish I put on my thinking cap J

Food Photography:

During initial days of blogging, I never cared about the photos sometimes I did not even post a snap of the recipe but these days I started to be conscious when it comes to food photography…I am very much a learner and my knowledge into photography is zero but still I love to master someday…I was using my mobile camera to take snaps but now I own a digi cam…I mostly use the point and shoot method to click the snaps…Would love to learn and master it someday J

I guess I spoke three much.I welcome you all to my space. Please drop your valuable comments and that would help me to improvise.


Annapoorani Sivaramakrishnan

Email: moicuisinecorner@gmail.com

Twitter: @moicuisine


  1. Oh! neengal Maamia! ithu munnadi theriyathae...

    Nice posts.. Would love to see many more from u..

    Happy cooking :)