Friday, October 28, 2011

Corn flour halwa



One of the easiest sweet I have ever learnt.I thought Kesari was the easiest sweet that can be made in jiffy but only after making this halwa I felt corn flour halwa is very much easy.I prepared this halwa for  diwali and for the first time and it came out well.Henceforth I am gonna make this halwa often :) Also this sweet does not require too much of ghee and it has only 3 major ingredients.Does it not sound sweet?




Corn flour 1 cup
Sugar 1.5 cups
Water 2 cups(approx)
Ghee 2 tsp
Kesari powder a pinch





1.Take corn flour,sugar,kesari powder mix it well and add water to form a watery consistency.The batter should be bit more diluted than dosa batter consistency but do not dilute beyond that.


2.In a wok add this batter and keep it stove.Stir continuously till the liquid turns to solid mass.Add a tsp of ghee and stir well.At one stage the mass will start separating from the sides.Switch off the stove at this stage.


3.Before you start the preparation keep a plate smeared with ghee ready.

4.Add the solid mass into the plate and spread it well.

5.Use a ghee smeared knife and cut the halwa to your desired shapes once the halwa turns warm.Serve it or store it and use it for a day or 2.



1.You may add the cashews fried in ghee while stirring the liquid mixture.

2.Kesari powder is added for the colour.


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