Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rayar mess[A must visit place in chennai to dine out]

I am trying to write post about must visit restaurants  in Chennai.I have not explored much but would love to and hope these posts help others.
I cook extensively during weekends and today I felt too tired and I at least wanted to have my breakfast at a good resto.I pleaded and asked my husband to take me to “Rayar Mess”,Mylapore!It has been some real long since we dined out and he just nodded “yes”.Mission accomplished!
We were at Arundel street and could not find this resto and we asked a passerby and he helped us to find the place!Ask anyone in Arundel street and they would guide you to the place.
A narrow lane did lead to “Rayar Mess”…It was 8.30am on a Sunday and the mess was too crowded.One of the persons(I believe he must be the owner) came out and said we will need to wait for 20 minutes as a batch is already “in progress” and that surprised us a bit! oh so we came to know that breakfast is served in batches and we will need to wait for our turn.
Our wait for 30minutes came to an end and we were asked to come in and occupy the tables.Yeah till then we were standing outside the mess!The mess is not that spacious and can accompany only 20+ people during a batch.
A banana leaf was placed before us along with water.You would find only 3 to 4 people serving the food.A caustic chutney was served first(it must be a blend of green chilies and spices) was too spicy!then ketti chutney was placed and then gun powder along with oil and ghee(you can choose either ghee or oil) was served!
Slightly warm pongal was served and a ladle of sambhar and chutney were poured over it!Hot and crispy vadas were then served!To be honest pongal was too good and my husband went for second serving!My close to 3 year old mixed gunpowder and pongal and he liked the taste!Pongal was just out of the world.Katti chutney was too good!Sambhar was tasteless!
Finally idlis were served.It was too soft and melt in the mouth kind!the husband just got too surprised and asked “How on earth the idlis could be soo soo soft”?I could not find the answer yet!The idlis were unassumingly soft and hot as well!
Finally we ended it with a cup of filter coffee!It was just strong and we always like it only that way!
Son,husband and I visited the place.8 idlis,3 vadas and 3 pongal ,1 coffee  ,2 water bottles costs Rs.250.It was such a new experience!
You should have the patience to wait and occupy the seats.But who will say “no” to taste the divine serving?
Morning menu includes :pongal,idli and vada(7 to 10.15am)
Evening menu includes:Mangalore bonda,potato bonda,adai and rava dosa(3 to 6.50pm if I am right).
Raya mess serves homely food in an affordable costs and must say it is a customer friendly resto and I witnessed so much of regular customers who were patiently waiting for their turn!Indeed “Raya Mess” stands out unique and no doubt that all the workers in the mess are too busy,running to serve food and satisfy the customers!Add it to your must visit place in Chennai!