Friday, August 9, 2013

Akkaravadisal[Festival sweet recipe]

Adi (tamil month) is always special…We get up early, offer pooja and prepare neivedhya…Of course it would be a week day but then I do pooja  and rush to office…Thankfully today is holiday and I could prepare my neivedhyam leisurely.
I hardly remember  the taste of akkaravadisal…My mom or MIL have never prepared it till date or rather I never had an opportunity to taste this…After several searches I decided to follow my own recipe…I have heard people making chakkarapongal without milk but I have the habit of making it only with milk and sans moongdal so for me the akkaravadisal would be ditto my chakkarapongal recipe but the extra ingredient would be moong gal…
My boy loved this…It is rich in iron because of jaggery…The milk in it has calcium…What else you need?A power packed sweet must try dish…


Rice-3/4 cup
Moong dal:1/4 cup
Milk(not boiled)-3 cups
Milk(boiled)-1.5 cups
Ghee-2 tsp
Cashews and raisins-few
Cardamom powder-1/2tsp

1)Add moong dal and rice together.Wash it for 3 times…Drain water and add it in pressure cooker.

2)Add 3 cups of milk(unboiled milk) and mix it well…Let it cook for 5 whistle.After that simmer the stove for 5 minutes and switch off. Allow it cool.

3)Once it gets cooled,open the lid and smash the contents with a laddle…Ensure you smash it so well…This helps to have a creamy texture…

4)Again place it in stove and add 1.5 cups of milk(boiled) and mix the contents well…simmer the stove and let it cook till it becomes semi solid..Add the roughly powdered  jaggery and cardamom powder and stir well…Simmer the stove and wait till the jaggery melts…Once it melts make the flame to high and stir for few minutes till it reaches to a thick semi solid consistency…Switch it off…once it cools the mixture would turn solid…In a separate wok add 2tsp of ghee and roast the raisins and cashews. Add this to the akkaravadisal and mix well J And then it gets ready for serving…You can add a tsp of ghee over the  top of akkaravadisal and serve 


1)Instead of jaggery you can use sugar as well.

2)You can even dry roast moong dal and rice and then proceed as above…Being lazy I skip this step…

3)You can even add the saffron soaked in milk into the mixture…I did not have it so skipped J

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