Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vegetable fried rice

 Vegetable fried rice remains to be one amongst many dishes that I always browsed  through net for knowing the method of preparation.After reading a zillion articles about fried rice and its preparation I wanted to give it a try.The scape goat for my testing is my dad and I prepared it the other day.Here I post the recipe part.

Vegetables of your choice.I used the below veggies since I had only the below veggies at that momemt.
Garlic flakes-5
soya sauce-2 tablespoon
chilli sauce-2 tablespoon
Pepper powder-1/4 table spoon
Salt - to your need
oil-2 tablespoon.
Cooked rice-1 cup

1.Cut the veggies into strips and keep it aside.

2.In a wok add oil and wait till it gets heated.
3.Add onions followed by gralic flakes and wait till it turns golden color.
4.Add the veggies and try it for 5 minutes.Make sure to cut the veggies in thin strips so that it cooks soon.
5.Add soya sauce and chilli sauce and saute the mixture.Add required salt.

6.Add the pepper powder and stir the mixture well.
7.Finally add rice and mix the whole mixture well without breaking the rice.Serve it hot with raitha of your choice :)

1.You can use bells pepper,beans,carrot,Spring onions.
2.I used 4 table spoons of soya sauce and the color of the rice became so dark.You can restrict the soya sauce contents to 2 tablespoon.
3.I used red chilli sauce you can replace it with green chili sauce and retain the color of vegetable rice as white.
4.you can add a tablespoon of vinegar to the fried rice to bring an extra flavour :)


  1. Loved the fried rice and am sure your father must have enjoyed ur preparation thoroughly.

  2. Delicious fried rice and healthy version too...

  3. @Chitchta,

    Poor moi father...he likes whatever I prepare :)

    Thank you

  4. I add vinegar, n little of soya sauce.. yes, I love red chilli sauce.. in its absence only I use green chilli sauce...

    Nice one Anna :D