Monday, June 20, 2011


It was my evening stroll and I was walking in the market road...The fresh leafy veggies and fruits were so soothing to my eyes...Greens were so fresh and I got one bunch :) While I was glancing on the veggies "Bhajji molaga" caught my eyes...One part of me said "get it" while the other said "don't get it" and finally I decided not to get it and came to home. That evening my hubby asked me for bhajji...sigh! Scanned through the available veggies at home and managed to have Brinjal,Potato and onion.decided to make bhajji with the above veggies.It is one sooper cool evening snack.What else you need in your life when you have bhajji on your plate accompanied by aromatic chai and a nice movie on the tv...pure bliss I would say.


Besan flour-1 cup
Rice flour-1/4 cup
Asafetida-a pinch
Dry red chili powder-as required
Salt-as required
veggies of ur choice


1.Take a vessel add besan flour,rice flour,asafetida,salt and red chili powder.
2.Heat a wok and add 2 spoons of oil. Wait till the oil gets heated.
3.Pour the oil into the flour mixture(pouring heated oil in the flour is to ensure that bhajis turns out so soft).
4.With a spoon mix the flour well without any lumps.
5.Add water to the mixture and bring it to fine paste(it should not be watery or too thick, let the consistency be of a smooth paste).
6.Cut the veggies of your choice. Make sure to cut the veggies as thin slices.
4.Now dip a veggie in the batter and coat the batter on both the sides of the veggie.
5.In as separate wok add required oil,wait till it gets heated. Drop the veggie coated with batter into the oil.
6.Fry the bajjis in the oil till it turns golden yellow color.
7.Remove the bajjis and drain the oil and serve it hot.
Bhajji goes well with coconut chutney. We had it with tomato sauce :)And did I say a thing ?The bhajji were fluffy...


  1. Hi, ur blog header urged me to hop on to ur site and enjoyed browsing ur posts. Glad to follow u :):)


  2. Thanks a lot MS.Chitchat ur blog as well :)

  3. awesome version...sounds perfect..
    n thanks for the inspiring feedback in my space..:)
    keep visiting n will be posting the recipe of butter in murukku in a couple of days..:)

    Tasty Appetite

  4. Jay thanks for ur kind words and awaiting ur butter murukku recipe :)