Friday, October 7, 2011

Kesari-an easiest sweet ever!


 Rava Kesari




The one sweet that I can say I am very confident of making without any disaster is "Kesari".It is an easy and quick recipe and many a times this particular sweet acts as a saviour when guest arrives without giving any prior notifications.My hubby mocks me by saying I know to make only Kesari when it comes to desserts.I make this sweet often and I mastered it to an extent lol :)Now on the recipe part :)




1 cup




1.5 cup


2 tsp





Kesari powder

a pinch

Cardamom powder

a pinch


1.In a wok dry roast rava/sooji till it attains golden color and nice aroms wafts in your kitchen.Keep in aside.

2.Take a heavy bottom vessel and add the water.Wait till the water boils and vapour starts to come out.

3.Add the sooji slowly into water.Adding slowly will not allow the lumps to form.

4.Stir continously and at a point sooji would be completely boiled and you will not find any traces of water.The mixture would be semi solid.Add Kesari powder at this stage and stir well.Kesari powder is added for the color.

5.Add sugar slowly to avoid lumps.When you add sugar the mixture becomes litte watery.Not to worry.Keep stirring the mixture.

6.When the sugar dissolves completely and the whole mixture becomes semi solid add cardamom powder and  switch off the stove.Because once you cool the mixture would reach solid consistency and it is good to switch off at the semi solid consistency.

7.Roast cashwes and raisins in ghee in a separate wok and add it to the kesari.

8.Add a dollop of ghee around the Kesari and serve it hot.


1.You would not find any traces of nuts and raisins in ma picture.Yes you are right I ran outta raisins and nuts and so skipped it.But the taste was divine.

2.I have heard people using milk instead of water and making milk kesari.I have not tried.Should probably give it a try.

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