Tuesday, July 29, 2014


People how are you all doing?It has been sometime since I wrote something…I am not sure why but I am not getting the urge to write things.Seriously thinking like why I have become like this!Ok let me stop my nonsense and get back to the agenda J
Did you get the title?not yet…chill I will let you know…Eatathon –I had been eating out for quite a good number of days and so wanted to just share the restaurants or the food that I ate.
It all started when a friend offered us a treat and the restaurant was Buhari…I am a pure vegetarian and all my friends are non veg and so it was decided that Buhari would be our treat place!As usual I ordered sweet corn soup,paneer tikka(what else) and veg briyani(which was bland)…My non veg friends said that their food was good!The resto is special for non veg food and so I could not comment on it JBriyani was just bland and that is all I felt!
Next it was my treat and this time it was Dhindukkal thalapakatti briyani!My friends did choose this place.Again this is also a non veg place!I ordered tomato soup and kashmiri pulao…Tomato soup was just awesome and it was made using coconut milk.It was the first time, I was tasting a tomato soup made with coconut milk!Kashmniri pulao was good(yay with a tinge of sweetness) and on the whole the food was good and I enjoyed it!
Then it was again a get together at Taj Gateway(Chennai) and the food was simple yet too good.The broccoli almond soup was yum!I especially loved their Russian and coleslaw salad!veg au gratin was just out of the world… veg briyani bhindi and cauliflower fries were also good JWe ended it up with ice creams and gulab jamuns…
A few hours stay at mamalla resort (Chennai)and the lunch there was good…The jaipuri bindi was the hit of the menu.
A sudden trip to Thrissur…What else I need to say about God’s own country?We decided that if it is going to be a vacation then the default location would be kerala.We had our lunch,dinner and breakfast at hotel bharath.Breakfast and the dinner we liked the most…The idiyappam(stringhoppers) served with vegetable stew (by using coconut oil) ahh whattey taste it was!We never forgot to taste the putu and kadale curry(signature dish of kerala)…We got raw jackfruit chips,raw banan chips,semi ripen banana chips and the sweet version of jackfruit chips!Not to forget we got a big jackfruit on our way from kerala!
A sewage block near our home and we could not cook proper food at home as we were asked to use only minimal water..I had to eat at office and I really loved the veg salad,wheat halwa and bread kesari from my office canteen!
Now don’t you all agree with my title?