Saturday, November 29, 2014

Paruppu boli[dal boli]

It has been sometime that I blogged!phew I am poor at managing time and I so  I have huge backlog to catch up!Having said that,let me get into the recipe.How to about some soft but ghee dripping boli on a rainy day?Bliss right?That is what I did!Made boil and relished it by seeing the rain through my windows.
Paruppu Boli

For the dough you need
Maida-2 cups
Salt-as per the need
Turmeric powder-2 pinches
Oil-1/4 cup

For the base filling:

Channa dal-1 cup
Grated coconut-1/2 cup
Grated jaggery-1 cup
Ghee-1/4 cup
Cardamom powder

Paruppu Boli

1.Add maida,salt,turmeric powder and mix well…Add water little by little and form a dough similar to chapathi dough!In the end add some more oil and mix well…smear some oil on the dough and cover and close it.Let it rest for 2 hours to give best results.
2.Soak channa dal for 1 hour and pressure cook for 1 whistle.
3.Drain the channa dal and grind it to nice paste by adding very little water.
4.In a wok add the grated jaggery and allow it to melt…Once it gets melted then add grated coconut followed by channa paste.Wait till it gets blended well and becomes a solid mass.If you feel it to be semi solid you can add besan flour to make it to solid mass…Add cardamom powder and mix  well.Switch the stove off and cool it.
5.Take a cover or banan leaf and smear some oil.Now the maida dough would be all set.Pinch a ball out of it and put it on the banana leaf.Pat it to a thick small circle.Meanwhile pinch a small ball of the channa mixture.Put the channa mixture ball in the center of the maida disc that you patted to a small circle.Bring all the sides together  to close it and pat it to thin disc.
6.Heat a griddle and add some ghee.Once it gets heated,invert the contents of the banana leaf and allow to cook..wait till it turns golden brown.Be generous to add ghee.Flip to other side and add some more ghee.Let it become golden brown.Take it out and serve!

Kadamburi is a place in tamilnadu and these bolis are very famous there!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


People how are you all doing?It has been sometime since I wrote something…I am not sure why but I am not getting the urge to write things.Seriously thinking like why I have become like this!Ok let me stop my nonsense and get back to the agenda J
Did you get the title?not yet…chill I will let you know…Eatathon –I had been eating out for quite a good number of days and so wanted to just share the restaurants or the food that I ate.
It all started when a friend offered us a treat and the restaurant was Buhari…I am a pure vegetarian and all my friends are non veg and so it was decided that Buhari would be our treat place!As usual I ordered sweet corn soup,paneer tikka(what else) and veg briyani(which was bland)…My non veg friends said that their food was good!The resto is special for non veg food and so I could not comment on it JBriyani was just bland and that is all I felt!
Next it was my treat and this time it was Dhindukkal thalapakatti briyani!My friends did choose this place.Again this is also a non veg place!I ordered tomato soup and kashmiri pulao…Tomato soup was just awesome and it was made using coconut milk.It was the first time, I was tasting a tomato soup made with coconut milk!Kashmniri pulao was good(yay with a tinge of sweetness) and on the whole the food was good and I enjoyed it!
Then it was again a get together at Taj Gateway(Chennai) and the food was simple yet too good.The broccoli almond soup was yum!I especially loved their Russian and coleslaw salad!veg au gratin was just out of the world… veg briyani bhindi and cauliflower fries were also good JWe ended it up with ice creams and gulab jamuns…
A few hours stay at mamalla resort (Chennai)and the lunch there was good…The jaipuri bindi was the hit of the menu.
A sudden trip to Thrissur…What else I need to say about God’s own country?We decided that if it is going to be a vacation then the default location would be kerala.We had our lunch,dinner and breakfast at hotel bharath.Breakfast and the dinner we liked the most…The idiyappam(stringhoppers) served with vegetable stew (by using coconut oil) ahh whattey taste it was!We never forgot to taste the putu and kadale curry(signature dish of kerala)…We got raw jackfruit chips,raw banan chips,semi ripen banana chips and the sweet version of jackfruit chips!Not to forget we got a big jackfruit on our way from kerala!
A sewage block near our home and we could not cook proper food at home as we were asked to use only minimal water..I had to eat at office and I really loved the veg salad,wheat halwa and bread kesari from my office canteen!
Now don’t you all agree with my title?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rayar mess[A must visit place in chennai to dine out]

I am trying to write post about must visit restaurants  in Chennai.I have not explored much but would love to and hope these posts help others.
I cook extensively during weekends and today I felt too tired and I at least wanted to have my breakfast at a good resto.I pleaded and asked my husband to take me to “Rayar Mess”,Mylapore!It has been some real long since we dined out and he just nodded “yes”.Mission accomplished!
We were at Arundel street and could not find this resto and we asked a passerby and he helped us to find the place!Ask anyone in Arundel street and they would guide you to the place.
A narrow lane did lead to “Rayar Mess”…It was 8.30am on a Sunday and the mess was too crowded.One of the persons(I believe he must be the owner) came out and said we will need to wait for 20 minutes as a batch is already “in progress” and that surprised us a bit! oh so we came to know that breakfast is served in batches and we will need to wait for our turn.
Our wait for 30minutes came to an end and we were asked to come in and occupy the tables.Yeah till then we were standing outside the mess!The mess is not that spacious and can accompany only 20+ people during a batch.
A banana leaf was placed before us along with water.You would find only 3 to 4 people serving the food.A caustic chutney was served first(it must be a blend of green chilies and spices) was too spicy!then ketti chutney was placed and then gun powder along with oil and ghee(you can choose either ghee or oil) was served!
Slightly warm pongal was served and a ladle of sambhar and chutney were poured over it!Hot and crispy vadas were then served!To be honest pongal was too good and my husband went for second serving!My close to 3 year old mixed gunpowder and pongal and he liked the taste!Pongal was just out of the world.Katti chutney was too good!Sambhar was tasteless!
Finally idlis were served.It was too soft and melt in the mouth kind!the husband just got too surprised and asked “How on earth the idlis could be soo soo soft”?I could not find the answer yet!The idlis were unassumingly soft and hot as well!
Finally we ended it with a cup of filter coffee!It was just strong and we always like it only that way!
Son,husband and I visited the place.8 idlis,3 vadas and 3 pongal ,1 coffee  ,2 water bottles costs Rs.250.It was such a new experience!
You should have the patience to wait and occupy the seats.But who will say “no” to taste the divine serving?
Morning menu includes :pongal,idli and vada(7 to 10.15am)
Evening menu includes:Mangalore bonda,potato bonda,adai and rava dosa(3 to 6.50pm if I am right).
Raya mess serves homely food in an affordable costs and must say it is a customer friendly resto and I witnessed so much of regular customers who were patiently waiting for their turn!Indeed “Raya Mess” stands out unique and no doubt that all the workers in the mess are too busy,running to serve food and satisfy the customers!Add it to your must visit place in Chennai!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lassi-Mildly sweet beaten curds[Easy summer recipes]

I am on the spree of making easy summer recipes…Juices and curds takes the first seats and rest of the dishes were pushed to the next seat :):)As told earlier in my post butter milk is one thing I use often in summer…My son also loves curd like me!Even if he does not like to have food,I just give him a cup of curd and he relishes the taste…This easy lassi come to my respite and after lunch I convert the remaining curds into this lassi…Refrigerate it and gulp it in one sip :)

Now off to the easy lassi recipe.




You need?

Curds:1 cup

sugar-1 tsp or as per the need



Put the curds and sugar in a blender and blend it well.

If you feel it to be too concentrated add 1/2 cup water and mix well…Refrigerate it and have a cool lassi!


You can top it with ice cubes and served it chilled:)

Neer Mor-Mildy spiced butter milk[Easy summer recipes]

Chennai summer is worse!I do not have the heart to get out of my home apart from the time I leave for work!And a week back I got dehydrated!I was someone who always told others than one should take enough liquids during the summer but I fell sick!completely got dehydrated and it took me a while to come back to normalcy…The husband got bottles and bottles of juice rich in electrolytes and I kept myself hydrated…It has been sometime since I drank tender coconut water…Oh yes that tells me that it has been sometime that the son and I went for a weekend morning walk to marina beach!So the point I wanted to tell is drink as much of water you could or drink buttermilk that helps your body to be hydrated!Even in office I have replaced my coffee with butter milk!

I associate neer mor with ramanavami…We make neer mor and panagam as  neivedhyam to Lord Rama…Here is an easy recipe :)Make it and relish the taste…




You will need?

Thick curd/ butter milk-1 cup

green chilies-1 inch piece

ginger-1 inch piece(wash and peel the skin,roughly chop it)

asafetida-1 tsp

salt-as required

coriander leaves-2 tsp(leaves alone finely chopped and washed)

How to make?

In a mixie add chopped ginger,chili,asafetida and salt and grind it well.

Then add the curd and grind it for a minute…If you feel concentrate add 1/2 cup water and mix it well.finally top it with coriander leaves.

Chill it in refrigerator and serve it cool.





Instead of grinding ginger and green chilies you can add it as chopped ones!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mango pickle[Easy pickle recipe,summer recipe]

It has been sometime I blogged!I wish I blog often :)Summer has already on its peak and chennai is always unique for its scorching heat!I never wish to get out of the home during weekends and like to stay in my cozy cocoon!Also I am just trying to avoid my time in kitchen(who will wish to slog in the suffocating heat!) and try to wrap it with easy peasy recipes!Also there are some seasonal things you get it during summer and I wanted to make best use of it!


Made some vadams(the post is due!),got maavadu for 4 times and converted into excellent maa vadus with spices :)Started making potato fryums(it is drying in the open space and ones it comes out well,a blog would be posted ;)yesterday got a big tangy raw mango!I was skeptical whether to make manga paruppu(mango cooked with dals and spiced up with flavourful spices) but the husband likes pickles and I decided to make this easy pickle!Can be preserved for a week,if refrigerated!


mango ickle


You will need:-

Raw mango-1  big sized

Red chili powder-2 tsp(or as per your need)

Mustard seeds-1/2 tsp

asafetida –1 tsp

oil-2 tsp

salt-1tsp or as per the need


How do I make?

Wash the mango well and pat it dry

cut it into fine pieces..If you cut it into small pieces it looks good and appalling

In a vessel put the finely chopped mango pieces,asafetida and salt

In a wok add oil and wait till it get heated…Add mustard seeds and allow it to crackle and immediately pour it over the mango pieces…Mix the contents well…Voila!awesome mango pickle is all ready to be served!Goes well with curd rice!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Back from hibernation :)Beat the heat with tomato juice

Whew!For a while I have been away from actions!ask me the reason?Not anything in particular!When juggling between work and life takes most of my time,I would like to spend the remaining time with my 2.6 yrs old boy!He keeps me run all during the weekends and I put him to sleep to write this blog!

What would you love to do when the tomato prices are unbelievably cheap?I tend to go crazy and buy kilos and kilos…The same thing happened this time as well…Made tomato thokku for some 10 times(all vanish within minutes I made the same),next came the yummy jam,dosa ,juice…I have tried only such for now but yes would explore quite other tomato dishes soon…I have plans to make tomato puree and store it(will post it once I do it)…

Tomato juice always made me go “No please”,but my husband likes it and so I told myself “Why not give a try” and then this post arrived.

What you need for this juice?

Ripe pulpy tomatoes-4?(medium sized)

Sugar-as per your sweetness level

salt-a pinch

pepper powder-a pinch

How do I make?

It is as simple as I type…Wash the tomatoes well,roughly chop it…Put it in a blender..Add sugar and blend well…You can even add some  ice if you need(I skipped it though)…Put the ground mixture in a sieve and strain it well so that seeds are filtered…Finally add a pinch of salt and pepper powder and serve :)

It is such an easy recipe that you could make in a jiffy :)Try and let me know how it turned.

tomato juice


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mylai food fest 2014

Thanks to FB and Sridhar for letting all of us about this Mylai fest...This fest is about Mylapore and its history...You also have kolam and other competitions conducted as a part of this event..People display their beautiful arts and it is definitely an eye candy.

This event is organized by Sundaram finance and for the first time I was there!yippee...

The food fest street was too crowded...Perhaps today is the last day of the event and perhaps it is a holiday as well...We did not have  space to walk and people pushed us :)But still we kept going just for the sake that we need to enjoy the fest :)

First we started with paal kozhakattai :)steamed rice flour dumpling in rich milk :)It was real yum :)

The next on the plate was keerai vadai :)first time I ate it as I always  loathe greens :)It was yummy too...especially the tangy tomato chutney!awe yummy :)

The next choice was mangalore bonda...It was too soft and accompanied with coconut chutney...It is one of the best dishes of the fest...

We then had dhahi vadai(yet another good dish),cauliflower bajji,carrot halwa,sweet and savoury paniyaram,spring roll and sago bonda(another yummy dish)...

Finally ended it with fresh cut fruits and paneer soda from Viji cool drinks..The goli paneer soda was too good!

If you are wondering what the cost of each dish would be?Then I tell you,it is Rs20 to Rs30 maximum... okeyish quantity…

The dishes were good and clean.And it was a different experience indeed!

Felt I was in VV puram bangalore(where you have a street devoted to food)...

I wish event like this should be organized often so that we would get a chance to try different dishes and relish the same...Kudos to Mylai fest and looking forward for next year :)