Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I am back :) and here ya go with "Masala Pepsi"

Hello Friends,

Been a while since I updated ma food blog...Ask me the reason?oh yay...I am back to office after ma maternity leave and I am juggling between work and life :) And with the little time I get I always like to spend it with my kiddo...

Sorry I could not keep tab on my own blog or could not read any of your blogs...Hope to catch them all very soon...

Though I could not blog,trying new recipes with my MIL or eating out has been a part of ma life :)I would love to be regular to blogging and hope to post as much as I could...

Masala Pepsi

I was introduced to "Masala Pepsi" by my hubby till then I had no clue...For the first time the name sounded odd for me but instantly I became addicted to the drink though...


Pepsi-3/4th of a tumbler
lemon juice-1 tsp
jaljeera powder-1 tsp


1.Take a tumbler and  add lemon juice and jaljeera powder.stir well.
2.To the above mixture add pepsi and stir well.Voila masala pepsi would be ready for serving.

P.S Sorry I could not post a pic of Masala pepsi.

1.I know it is not a recommended drink when it comes to health point but I would love to taste it once in a while though...