Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Vegetable Briyani

I always thought Briyani would taste yummy only in restaurants and never dared to try it at home..My MIL makes briyani once in a week but I never entered into the briyani area until we had a get together at home :)I chopped all the veggies,added masalas as instructed by my MIL and the result was yummilicious…Now I am very much confident of making briyani :)I helped my mom making this today and the result is the recipe here :)The vegetable briyani tasted very much like the one we eat in the restaurants and i am very much contended with the result :)




1 cup

Mixed vegetables(carrot,beans,potato,onion)

1 cup

Big onion


garam masala

1 tsp


as required


as required


2 tsp

bread(cut it into pieces)

2 slices


1 tsp


To grind:

ginger(2 inch piece)


garlic pods


green chilies

as per you savoury level

coriander leaves

1 tsp


For seasoning:

cinnamon sticks 2
bay leaf 1
cloves 4
saunf/sombu 1 tsp



1.Soak rice for 15 minutes and drain water and keep the rice ready.

2.Chop onions and keep it ready.Also chop the veggies into fine pieces.

3.Grind the items given in “to grind” (ginger,garlic,chilies and coriander leaves)to a fine paste.

4.Take a wok and add oil and wait till it gets heated.Add saunf,bay leaves,cinnamon sticks and cloves and give it a quick stir.Wait till nice aroma wafts and the color of saunf turns golden yellow.

5.Add onions and fry till the color changes to golden yellow.Add the ground paste(ginger garlic chilly paste) and stir well till the raw smell goes off.

6.Add mixed veggies followed by curd and garam masala.Stir well and make sure the veggies get coated with the masala.

7.Add the drained rice and mix it well so that it gets coated well with veggies and masalas.

8.Transfer the rice mixture to a pressure cooker and add required water and salt.

9.Cook for 3 whistles and cool down to release the pressure.

10.Take another wok add ghee and once it is slightly hot add the bread pieces and fry it till it attains crispy texture.Do not burn it.

11.Top the briyani with fried breads and serve it with onion raitha or veg kurma.



1.You can add veggies of your choice like peas,cauliflower etc.

2.you can use add mint leaves in the “to grind” list also you can top the briyani with mint leaves.

3.You can also grind saunf with ginger garlic instead of adding it in seasoning.


  1. wow delicious briyani,make me hungry now...

  2. Till now, I have never added bread in biryani. Your recipe reminds me of the biryani served in marriage halls. I'll take a note of it when I prepare this week.

  3. I love biryani with soambu very much, wish I stay near by your home :)

  4. Very nice pictures and looks very yummy