Saturday, March 1, 2014

Back from hibernation :)Beat the heat with tomato juice

Whew!For a while I have been away from actions!ask me the reason?Not anything in particular!When juggling between work and life takes most of my time,I would like to spend the remaining time with my 2.6 yrs old boy!He keeps me run all during the weekends and I put him to sleep to write this blog!

What would you love to do when the tomato prices are unbelievably cheap?I tend to go crazy and buy kilos and kilos…The same thing happened this time as well…Made tomato thokku for some 10 times(all vanish within minutes I made the same),next came the yummy jam,dosa ,juice…I have tried only such for now but yes would explore quite other tomato dishes soon…I have plans to make tomato puree and store it(will post it once I do it)…

Tomato juice always made me go “No please”,but my husband likes it and so I told myself “Why not give a try” and then this post arrived.

What you need for this juice?

Ripe pulpy tomatoes-4?(medium sized)

Sugar-as per your sweetness level

salt-a pinch

pepper powder-a pinch

How do I make?

It is as simple as I type…Wash the tomatoes well,roughly chop it…Put it in a blender..Add sugar and blend well…You can even add some  ice if you need(I skipped it though)…Put the ground mixture in a sieve and strain it well so that seeds are filtered…Finally add a pinch of salt and pepper powder and serve :)

It is such an easy recipe that you could make in a jiffy :)Try and let me know how it turned.

tomato juice