Saturday, January 27, 2018

Pasta in white sauce!

When my boy asked me for pasta,I immediately made this penne in white sauce least understanding that he was looking for penne arabiatta..phew..So what?I was pushed to gobble it all!Now to the recipe.
Heat butter(I used herbed butter) and add maida(phew if you are into diet,I am sorry I could not help),simmer the stove and mix well(use a beater)..Till the color slightly turns golden brown.Add boiled milk and give it a good whisk..The mixture would turn slightly thick..By then add the cooked pasta(along with cooked veggies if any and salt) and give it a good mix..Finally add grated cheese and cook for a can also top it with chili flakes, herbs and pepper powder..Switch if off and serve..

Cook pasta with a tsp of oil so that it does not get stuck to the wok.Pasta is usually cooked al dente(firm when you bite it) but I slightly overcook:)
You can add corns,mushroom,carrorts,beans or any veggie of your choice
I used herbed butter and so did not add ay herbs.
You can use any variety of cheese though I used amul!
Penne is a variety of pasta.
Sauce made with butter,maida and milk is called white sauce.