Friday, June 1, 2012

Restaurant review-Barbeque nation

Itz been an eon since I wrote anything...To break my hibernation I try every possible ways and finally came out with a restaurant review.You shall expect these type of post in future too :)

We were planning for team lunch and we had many choices. Finally we zeroed it to “Barbeque Nation”.

“Barbeque Nation” is situated in T-nagar and you will not hear the hustling bustling sounds or the horn as the place seems to be serene.

English numbers were being played(I think so as I was not sure of the verses) when we entered the hotel…The ambience was good with mild music all around.

If you are a person who would love to have a great starter then this restaurant should be on your list. As I am a vegetarian I can review on the vegetarian dishes of the restaurant. The restaurant offers vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes J

We went for buffet and we were asked to choose a mock tail /milkshakes and I went for “Mango Rapture”(A medley of mango, vanilla ice cream, coconut etc) and it tasted divine. Then came the main part “The starters”. A griller was placed before us and “Tikkas” were linked in skewers and placed above the griller. The smoky flavour brought an extra taste to the dishes.

We tasted different tikkas ranging from Paneer, Mushroom, Potato, Bells pepper, pineapple to apple tikkas. The tikkas were marinated in mild masala and were fried and grilled. The smoky flavour sure added a different taste to the dish.

Next we were served with “Falafel”…It was spinach and chickpea falafel…I don’t like falafel and so did not opt it for the second time…

Falafel was followed with “Roasted Potato(with skin) in Mayonnaise sauce” not sure if I heard the name right as the person who served it recited the name in a jiffy. It was one divine dish that I tasted in recent past…I was just drooling on it though it was served only in small quantities…The starter section came to end and we were ready to take the main food J

I was tasting or trying different dishes/cuisines for the past few days and the main course did not attract me much JThe main course had Dhal Makhani, Aloo capsicum, Vegetable hakka noodles, Veg Briyani, Vegetable Raitha, Cheese balls in garlic sauce, Aloo peanut chaat, Russian raitha, Tossed raitha and another 2 raitha varieties whose names I completely forgot J Also we had fresh curds, curd rice, plain rice, pappad et all.

The lunch came to an end with desserts…We had gulab jamun, Phirni, vanilla icecream,caramel flavoured cake, orange cake and some more as I totally forgot the names…

The food was good and I loved it…Please do visit the restaurant once and you will definitely fall in love for the smoky tikkas that are directly cooked in fire…This restaurant will be my obvious choice the next time when I love to have an elaborate starter for my lunch