Saturday, July 30, 2016

Carrot coriander soup

Lazy Saturday mornings and I really do not get enough inspirations or motivation to cook!I always end up making a quick fix dish!One of such easy recipes is this soup!Carrots and coriander indeed is a lovely combo!Who will say NO to a piping hot soup on a cloudy day!It was just drizzling for few minutes in the morning and I also made this soup(what a timing!).Off to the recipe.

You need:

Carrots-some 4...peel the skin,wash and roughly chop
Coriander-Washed and cleaned,remove stems and collect only the leaves
Salt-as needed
pepper powder-two pinches


Add roughly chopped carrots  in a cooker,by adding enough water(just ensure that the water is above the carrots by an inch).Cook for 2 whistles or till the carrots gets cooked!Wait till the pressure releases.Cool and grind it well along with cleaned corriander leaves.You can add the boiled carrot  water,while grinding!Now add the ground paste(if it is too thick,dilute it with water),add salt and bring it to a boil for a minute.Serve it with pepper powder!

Note:You can just add garlic pods while cooking the carrots.They add nice flavour.I skipped it though!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Paruppu podi/spicy lentil powder

Hello all,

It has been some really really long time that I blogged!Ask me the reason?Nothing in specific.Juggling work and life,takes my complete time!But I do sneak and peak into my hobbies,every now and then :)I wish,I shed my laziness and devote my time in blogging about the most that I like(ofcourse food!what else!!!).

Now direct to the topic!

Paruppu podi takes me back to my school and college days!When amma was in a  no mood to cook,she would make some vegetables/rasam and We would kick start the lunch with this spicy lentil powder rice!This is a spicy powder,usually mixed with a generous dollop of ghee in hot rice!oh yes,the taste just makes me to drool!
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What will you need?

Dry roast 1 cup of toor dal
Dry roast 3/4th cup of channa dal
Dry roast some 4 to 5 pepper corns
Dry roast dry red chili,some 6 to 7 chilies(add or remove as per your need)
Salt as required
asefoetida a genrous pinch

Cool and grind it in a food processor!If you want the finer version of the powder,just sieve the powder twice and leave out the residue(can be used in sambhars).
You can even dry roast some generous pods of garlic and enjoy the garlic flavoured spicy lentil powder!

Do try and let us know,how you liked!