Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kara Sev


This is also one of the many recipes that mom and I prepared for diwali.My mom always used kara sev spatula for making kara sev.This requires rubbing kara sev dough in the spatula which needs to be kept above the hot oil.I do not want to risk and told by mom to use murukku press and then to break it into rough pieces.The kara sev turned out well though it is not thick in size as we get in stores the reason being the very small hole in murukku press.The next time  I wish I should make thick Kara sev.



Besan flour 1 cup
Rice flour 3/4 cup
Turmeric powder a pinch
Asafetida a generous pinch
Pepper as per your savoury level
water as per the need
oil for frying





1.Powder the pepper into a coarse way.


2.Take a wide wok add besan flour,rice flour,asafetida,turmeric powder and coarse pepper powder and add water to form it as rough dough with no cracks.Make sure that the dough is completely bound well with all the ingredients.The dough is little rough that the chapathi dough.

3.Take the murukku press and add an amount of the dough.Meanwhile heat oil in another wok.

4.When the oil is heat using murukku press make swirls and allow it to cook till the color turns to golden color.

5.Take it out from the oil allow it to cool and break roughly into pieces and hurray kara sev will be ready.you can store it and use it for a week.

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