Saturday, November 29, 2014

Paruppu boli[dal boli]

It has been sometime that I blogged!phew I am poor at managing time and I so  I have huge backlog to catch up!Having said that,let me get into the recipe.How to about some soft but ghee dripping boli on a rainy day?Bliss right?That is what I did!Made boil and relished it by seeing the rain through my windows.
Paruppu Boli

For the dough you need
Maida-2 cups
Salt-as per the need
Turmeric powder-2 pinches
Oil-1/4 cup

For the base filling:

Channa dal-1 cup
Grated coconut-1/2 cup
Grated jaggery-1 cup
Ghee-1/4 cup
Cardamom powder

Paruppu Boli

1.Add maida,salt,turmeric powder and mix well…Add water little by little and form a dough similar to chapathi dough!In the end add some more oil and mix well…smear some oil on the dough and cover and close it.Let it rest for 2 hours to give best results.
2.Soak channa dal for 1 hour and pressure cook for 1 whistle.
3.Drain the channa dal and grind it to nice paste by adding very little water.
4.In a wok add the grated jaggery and allow it to melt…Once it gets melted then add grated coconut followed by channa paste.Wait till it gets blended well and becomes a solid mass.If you feel it to be semi solid you can add besan flour to make it to solid mass…Add cardamom powder and mix  well.Switch the stove off and cool it.
5.Take a cover or banan leaf and smear some oil.Now the maida dough would be all set.Pinch a ball out of it and put it on the banana leaf.Pat it to a thick small circle.Meanwhile pinch a small ball of the channa mixture.Put the channa mixture ball in the center of the maida disc that you patted to a small circle.Bring all the sides together  to close it and pat it to thin disc.
6.Heat a griddle and add some ghee.Once it gets heated,invert the contents of the banana leaf and allow to cook..wait till it turns golden brown.Be generous to add ghee.Flip to other side and add some more ghee.Let it become golden brown.Take it out and serve!

Kadamburi is a place in tamilnadu and these bolis are very famous there!