Thursday, September 22, 2011

Easy Kuzhipaniyaram recipe

            I am a great fan of kuzhipaniyaram recipe ever since I tasted it in my perima's place.I was stunned to see the lovely kuzhipaniyaram vessel and the stick to turn the crispy paniyarams.My love towards paniyarams continued when my neighbour gave us paniyaram every time they prepared it.My mom never made it before but I was pestering her a lot to make the recipe after the visit to my perima's place.But somehow or the other both(mom and me) forgot about the recipe and never had a chance to try it anytime.

            All of a sudden one day my hunger pangs could not wait and was longing for kuzhipaniyaram.I pestered my mom to prepare it but sigh there came a shocker as a reply from my mom that we don't have kuzhipaniyaram vessel at home.Dad keenly watched my disappointment and got the vessel in the next half an hour and surprised me with it :)Then what!I had crispy and  yummy kuzhipaniyaram in another one hour.So here I go with the recipe.


Idli batter
1 cup
2 Finely chopped
Curry leaves
A sprig
Green chilies
According to your spiciness
Grated coconut
A hand full


1.Mix the above said ingredients and form a batter.
2.Place the kuzhipaniyaram vessel on the stove.Wait till it gets heated.
3.Add generous amount of oil inside every hole of the paniyaram vessel.
4.Pour a laddle of the batter in each hole and allow it to cook well.
5.Once you feel that the paniyarams are cooked in one side,use the stick and carefully turn it to the other side and add oil around the paniyarams.
6.Wait till it gets cooked and insert the stick inside the paniyaram.If the paniyarams are  cooked well the stick comes out clean.
7.Carefully remove the paniyarams from the paniyaram pan and serve it with tomato chutney.
yummy kuzhipaniyarams


1.I did not add coconut to my batter but I am sure it gives an excellent taste and aroma.
2.I did not add tadka to the batter and I added onion,chilli,curry leaves and grated coconut directly to the batter.


  1. First time here...
    Some time I too prepare paniyaram with idli batter
    love this a lot...

    glad to follow u :)

  2. Am also a great fan of paniyarams. Love them with kara chutney. Seems you too started blogging few months before like me...Happy Blogging and keep in touch.


  3. I make these too .. easy and tasty.

    Zesty Palette