Monday, July 4, 2011

Ragi dosa

 Last week we went to a super market and mom immediately picked Ragi flour...She says Ragi dosa is an easy recipe also Ragi kanju is good for health...I have neva tried any Finger Millet recipe but as always I can learn it from my mom:) yesterday we attended a function and came late to home...We were done with our dinner but mom was in a position to prepare dinner for granny...I suggested her to make rava upma because it is one such easy recipe...Mom said she will make Ragi dosa...I was skeptic because I have encountered situations where the batter consistency was not proper and when I pour it on tawa it becomes sticky and I need to struggle a lot to get a proper dosa...After lotsa trials and patience a perfect dosa appears at the end of the last ladle of the flour...But mom makes crispy dosa and it is all because of the right consistency of the flour added to make the batter.Here I present the ragi dosa recipe


Ragi(Finger Millet) flour-1 cup
Wheat flour-1 cup
Salt-to the need
oil-to drizzle on the dosa
cumin seeds-1/4 table spoon
curry leaves-finely chopped


1.Mix Ragi flour,Wheat flour,salt,cumin seeds and finelly chopped curry leaves.
2.Add required water and bring the batter to the dosa consistency.
3.Pour a ladle of flour on the tawa and prolong the batter to a thin round shape.
4.Drizzle oil around the dosa and wait for the dosa to become crispy.
5.Turn the dosa and let the other side also becomes crispy.
6.Serve the Ragi dosa hot with chutney of ur choice.

P.S you can mix finelly chopped onions,pepper,grated carrot to the batter and make the dosa.


  1. I love this dosa...I add lil lesser wheat flour...that's all ..:)
    I studied in SRC campus. There's a polytechnic inside the campus. So I did my DECE there... :)

  2. Raji I am also from SRC 2006 passed out :) Glad to meet someone from ma college :)

  3. That's exciting!! :) So wat did you studied there? My email id is in the blogger profile page,do write to me :)

  4. Hey Raji have mailed you...hope u got it :)

  5. sounds amazing..healthy version..
    btw..have posted the butter muruku recipe today..

    Tasty Appetite

  6. Thanks Jay will check ur murukku soon :)