Thursday, July 7, 2011

Arisithenga payasam

    Every Thursday we have pooja at home and bro holds fasting throughout the day and ends his fasting at night with palaharam...For neivedhyam mom prepares different dishes on this day.Today mom prepared arisithenga payasam and I am posting the recipe here.


1.Rice-1/2 cup
2.Grated coconut-1/2 cup
3.Jaggery-to your sweet level
5.Powdered cardamom


1.Soak rice in water for almost 20 minutes and drain water from it.
2.Mix rice and coconut and grind it to a coarse paste.
3.Heat water and once it boils add the rice coconut paste and wait till the raw smell goes off.
4.Finally powder the jaggery and allow to melt completely in the water coconut rice mixture.
5.Once jaggery melts and mixes well a nice arome appears.
6.Switch the stove off.
7.Add powdered cardamom and serve it hot.

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