Monday, July 25, 2011

Tomato dosa

For the past few days my hunger pangs want something yummy,delicious and tangy...Suddenly I started craving for dosa...My hubby can eat dosa for all 7 days in a week and for the whole year...I was not very much of dosa kind but suddently became a dosa maniac...Eating dosa twice  a day in a week has become a routine so I wanted to try varieties...Masal dosa suddently caught my attention...But I have kept it on queue...I saw fresh tomato on my veggie bag and so wanted to prepare tomato dosa...It is the first time I tried it and I became addicted to the tangy dosa flavour.It is an excellent variety and here is the recipe part.


Dosa batter
chilli powder-1/2 table spoon
asafetida-a pinch
salt-as required
oil- 1 table spoon


1.In a wok add oil and wait till it gets heated.
2.Add tomato,chilli powder,salt and asafetida and fry the tomato well in the oil.

3.Wait till raw smell of the tomato goes off and the mixture becomes solid.Switch off the stove and cool the mixture.
4.Grind the mixture to a fine paste and add it to the dosa batter
5.Heat tawa and powder a laddle of tomato dosa batter and spread it to a round shape.Drizzle oil around the dosa.
6.Wait till both of the sides of the dosa is cooked well and serve with chutney of your choice.

1.I had yogurt as my side dish and it tasted too good.
2.You can add garlic,coconut and onion while you fry tomato and grind it to fone paste.I do not want to add garlic,onion  and coconut and so skipped it.


  1. Hey dear first time here.....u hv a bful blog with yummy recipes..
    Anyways would love to hear a word from u too...
    this looks delicious..we often make this for bfast ..any leftovers pls.?..Yummo
    Following u..