Thursday, July 21, 2011

Plantain partial fry(Vazhaikai aravanakkal)

 When mom does not prepare either kari(poriyal) or Kootu she makes this vazhaikai aravanakal and I love this yummicious dish a lot.It is also one easy recipe and she prepares this one when we all sit in dinning  table because this recipe will be more yummicious when served hot also the crispiness adds an extra flavour when served hot.


3.Red chilli powder
4.Oil for frying


1.Wash the plantains,remove the skin and cut it into small pieces.
2.Add oil in a wok and wait till it gets heated.
3.Add the cut plantain pieces and fry it in oil till it changes to golden yellow color.You don't have to fry for long and the color change happens in a minute.
4.Drain the oil and take the partially fried pieces.Add chilli powder and salt to this mixture and have it as a side dish with rice of your choice.

You can skip adding chilli powder and salt if you wish because the fried pieces itself wil have an excellent taste.