Monday, August 1, 2011

Crispy rice flour balls...

 Mom makes dishes mostly with rice flour...I have become addicted to dishes made of rice flour...From kozhakattai to rice flour balls to name a few...The usage of rice flour is minimal to nil in my MIL's home...Whenever I come to my mom's place I ask her to make all the lovely rice flour dishes and enjoy it a lot...One such recipe I enjoy the  most is rice flour balls...To prepare this you need the below ingredients...

Rice flour-1 cup
Red chilli powder-1 tablespoon
salt-as required
sour curd-as per the requirement to knead
oil-as  required for frying
asafetida-a pinch

1.Puree the tomato.
2.Take a wide vessel...Add rice flour,salt,red chilli powder,asafetida,tomato puree and curd.
3.Make sure that the dough is not watery or too solid...It should be semi solid and you should be able to take the dough in ur hand without spilling...A little beyond chapathi dough consistency...See the below picture for reference.

4.Add oil in a wok and wait till it gets heated.
5.Take the dough in the form of a small ball and drop it in the oil carefully...I am very sure that you will not  get the dough in the shape of a ball...but the shape would be little close to a ball.
6.Wait till it turns golden brown on both sides.Drain excess oil and serve it hot.

Notes: can also add oinions to the dough.


  1. very nice recipe...

  2. Delicious B'fast.. keep coming with lots of recipes.