Saturday, July 2, 2011

Arisi Upma(rice upma)

    If it is an Amavasai day then I am sure Arisi upma will be the tiffin at home.It is followed like a ritual to prepare arisi upma on amavasai.Katrika kotsu accompanies arisi upma.Yesterday mom prepared arisi upma and I was fortunate enough to learn the recipe and below is the recipe part.


To grind:

Rice-2 cups
curd-1/4 cup
pepper-1 table spoon
cumin seeds-1 table spoon
toor dal-1 table spoon

To temper:

curry leaves
green chilies-3 in number(finely chopped)
urad dal-1 table spoon
channa dal-1 table spoon
mustard seeds-1/2 table spoon

1.Powder cumin seeds,pepper and toor dal to a coarse mixture.
2.Add 1/4 cup curd in 2 cups rice and mix it well.The curd content should be less and rice should be mixed with little curd.It should be a rough mixture.Curd is added here just for the flavour.Let the whole mixture be kept for 30 minutes after that grind it to a coarse mixture.The mixture need not be powdery and is preferred to be coarse.Add powdered cumin,tor dal and pepper powder to it.

5.In a wok.Add oil and add items given in "to temper" list and wait till dal becomes golden color.
6.Add 5 cups of water and add required salt.Wait till the water reaches its boiling point and vapour comes out.
7.Now add the coarse rice mixture and stir it well.Keep the stove in low flame for the entire content to cook.Wait till all the water is absorbed and rice mixture is finely cooked.

Switch the stove off.
Serve the arisi upma with Katrika kotsu :)


  1. Curd is a very new ingredient in arisi upma to me,nice version...

  2. Hi Raji curd is added to bring a nice is just sprinkled with the rice :)

  3. Nice version,arisi upma looks delicious.