Monday, June 20, 2011

Vaangi Baath( Brinjal rice)-Version 1

I love brinjal a lot...Always loved to eat my granny's yenna kathrika(oil brinjal curry)...My mom makes yummy bringal curry. The curry always has tangy flavor which makes the dish still more yummy. I learnt vaangi baath preparation from my mom and so named it as version1.Version 2 of vangi baath preparation would follow soon.Version2 ,I learnt it from my MIL. With no delays I am directly going to the preparation of vangi baath.


mustard seeds
turmeric powder
Sambhar powder
channa dhal
Curry leaves

To grind:

Coriander seeds
Channa dhal
grated coconut
dry red chilies

1.Take a wok.Add a spoon of oil to it.
2.Once heated add coriander seeds, channa dhal and dry red chillies.
3.Roast it till you get a very nice aroma and until the dhal changes to golden color.
4.Cool the mixture and grind this mixture along with grated coconut and make it as fine powder.
5.Wash brinjal and slice it to required shapes(let it be thin in size).
6.Take another wok.Add oil.Wait for the oil to get heated.
7.Add mustard seeds.Allow it to splutter
8.Add channa dhal and wait till it turns golden yellow color.
9.Add turmeric powder, sambhar powder,asafetida and curry leaves and stir it for a minute.
10.Now add the cut brinjals to it and stir it fine so that brinjals are coated finely with turmeric and sambhar powder.
11.Wait till the brinjals are cooked fine in the oil. If needed sprinkle water to the brinjal mixture for making it to cook well.
12.Once you feel the brinjals are cooked fine add the powder(coriander ,channa dhal,red chilly and coconut powder).
13.Mix well so that brinjals are coated well with the powder and allow the whole mixture to cook for 3 minutes.Add required salt at this stage.
14.Switch the stove off.Add this brinjal mixture to the steamed rice, mix well and serve it hot. You can serve it with Raitha of your choice or with vadams or apalams.

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