Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spicy plantain powder

My mom makes this plantain powder always. She prepares vazhaikai aravanakal and vazhaikai podi frequently.She also prepares podi varieties a lot and she carefully stores it in plastic bottles. Whenever we feel bored of having kozhambu and rasam these powders acts as a relief. We just cook the steamed rice and mix it with spicy powderand add nalla yennai/ghee and have it :) I have also gained liking for home made podis. Posts will follow soon on homemade podi preparations. Now I take you to plantain powder preparation.


Raw plantain
urad dal-3 to 4 spoons
mustard seeds-1/2 spoon
dry red chilies
tamarind-a small ball size


1.Cut the raw plantains into 4 pieces.(you need not have to cut it into small pieces ,the pieces can be large).
2.Cook the raw plantains in water. Make sure that it does not becomes mushy and it is not fully cooked.
3.remove the plantains from the water. Cool it and peel the skin.
4.In a wok, add oil and once heated add mustard seeds.
5.Allow the mustard seeds to splutter.
6.Add urad dal and wait till the dal turns golden yellow color.
7.Add dry red chilies and stir the mixture.
8.Finally add the tamarind and switch the stove off.
9.Cool the mixture.
10.Grind this mixture along with the half boiled plantains. You need not make the powder to be fine. It is good and better to the have the powder as a coarse mixture. Add required salt to this mixture
Spicy plantain powder is ready. You can mix the powder with steamed rice along with oil/ghee and enjoy the taste...My mouth is already watering :)


  1. This is new to me, tasty podi,would surely prepare when i get my hand at vazhakkai in the veg.shop. Looking forward for ur podi recipes.

  2. @Ms Chitchat do let me know how it turned out :) Sure I will post podi recipes soon :)