Monday, June 13, 2011

Karuvepillai Kootu

Last weekend my hubby bought fresh curry leaves from the market...The aroma was so delightful and I love this aroma a lot...The first thing that came to ma mind is to prepare "Karuvepillai kottu"...My mom prepares it all the time because she has curry leaves tree at the backyard of my home and that allows her to prepare this dish often...This kootu preparation is not a laborious task...Proceed further to know about the method to prepare this dish.
I am not giving the exact quantity of the ingredients used and it is left to reader’s choice to use their own quantity.


1.Curry leaves
2.Cooking oil
4.Dry chilies
5.Tamarind (of a small ball size...If you prefer the kootu to be tangy, then add bit more of tamarind).
6.Mustard seeds


1.Remove curry leaves and throw the stick away.
2.Wash the leaves well and let it drain for 5 minutes.
3.In a mixi jar add drained curry leaves, tamarind ,dry chilies and peppercorns and grind it to a fine nice paste. Let the paste be so fine.
4.Take a wok and put it in stove. Add sufficient oil(you need to use more oil for this recipe, if you are very much diet conscious then add oil to ur need).
5. Add mustard seeds in the wok. Allow it to splutter.
6.Once the mustard seeds splutters add the ground paste to it(Curry leaves, pepper, tamarind and dry chili paste).
7. Add required salt to this mixture.
8.Allow this paste to boil in the oil and stir occasionally .
9.Wait till the oil comes out from the side of the vessel and starts to float at the top. Switch the stove off at this stage.
10. Cool in and put it in a bottle and you shall refrigerate this mixture for a week.

This kootu goes well with steamed rice. You can also use this as a side dish for Dosa, Idli, Chapathi etc.
My mom says this kottu is rich in iron content and this my favorite kootu anytime...try it out and let me know how it turned out :)

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