Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mor Kali aka Uppalva

I love this recipe like something. It is my all time favorite and I love to eat this dish specifically prepared by mom. I tried several times but it does not come out as tasty unlike mom's preparation .May be because mom adds the secret ingredients called love and affection to prepare the dish :).I can have this dish for my breakfast, lunch and dinner too :)I make my plate so clean and like a mirror when my mom prepares this. So here goes the recipe.


Sour curd(higher the sour content tasty is your dish)
Rice flour
mustard seeds
curry leaves
Mor molaga(green chilies soaked in curd ,sun dried for days and afterwards stored in bottle)

If the quantity of sour curd is less you can add tamarind water to the curd and mix it and can use it. Tamarind brings the tangy effect to the dish.


1.Take rice flour.Add salt.mix well.
2.Add sour curd to the rice mixture and bring to a liquid(pouring) consistency .If needed add water and make it a bit watery Do not dilute it so much that makes the flour contents to lose its flavor. Pouring consistency would be fine.
3.Take a wok and add oil(generous amount).
4.Once the oil gets heated add mustard seeds and allow it to splutter.
5.Add asafetida and curry leaves and stir in for a minute.
6.Now add mor molaga and wait till the mor molaga changes to brownish black in color.
7.At this stage add the rice flour curd mixture.
8.Stir constantly so that no lumps are formed.
9.The mixture will boil well in theoil and with the water curd contents in it.
10.Wait till oil comes out from the sides and floats at the top. The consistency at this stage would be like the consistency of the halwa.
11.Switch the stove off. can serve it with pickle.
13.Alternatively you can take a plate and rub it with oil or ghee and drop the wok contents to the plate and spread it evenly. Allow the mixture to cool and cut into you desired shapes with knife and call it as Uppalva.


  1. sounds recipe to me..:)

    Tasty Appetite

  2. My mom makes this,she used to season also with onions,love this version very much!

  3. @Jay thanks alot :)

    @Raksha-I never tried it with onions,shall give ita try and thank you