Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rava ladoo –Easy sweets recipe





I always thought Kesari is one of the easiest recipes of all but naah Rava ladoo can equally compete with it…I never dared to try sweets all alone but my mom is an expert when it comes to making sweets…She boosts me saying I can make it all by myself and that boosting always helps me a lot…I called her for this recipe and she gave me the exact proportions and I did this easy peacy sweet for diwali…The satisfaction I got after seeing the round cutey whitey balls was just no par and I can never put it in words…Now off to the recipe.





             Rava ladoo                                                                                                        


Rava/Sooji 1 Cup
Sugar 1.5 cup
Cashews 1 tsp
Ghee 1 cup or plus or minus as per the need




1.Dry roast rava in a non stick pan…Roast it till nice aroma wafts in your kitchen.Swtich off and cool it and subsequently powder it..Make it as fine powder.

2.Powder the sugar to a very smooth powder…I always give it in rice mill and make my job easier :)

3.Roast cashews in ghee and set aside…

4.Take a wide plate…Mix sugar and rava powder well…Ensure both are mixed well…Add the roasted cashews to it and mix well.

5.Heat ghee in a wok and wait till vapour starts to come out of the ghee…switch off the stove…Pour it in the sugar rava mixture and mix it using a saptula…When the mixture is luke warm hold the powder in your hand and make a ball out of it…Use both your palms to make the perfect round.

NotesMore the ghee,the more perfect the shape would be.

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