Sunday, October 28, 2012

A for Aavin milk :)

I was meaning to visit the "Aavin milk depot" situated just opposite to Marina beach but did not get a chance for long...Today I got a chance and visited the place.

This place offers you the essential milk products such as milk powder,paneer,standardised milk,Toned milk,Yogurt,Dates with Khoa,khoa,falvoured milk,ordinary milk,Badam milk ,cooking butter,ghee ,you name it and you will see it there...

I ordered an ordinary milk and a cold coffee with an icecream topped...Both the cold coffee and the milk tasted yum...They offer you milk shakes and sandwiches too :)

Though the place is in the main road,the ambience inside was just too serene and the taste of the products that I tasted was also yummilicious...I am yet to try many products there...The cost is also reasonable...

I have decided to frequent this place often :)


This is not a paid review and it is totally related to my opinion about the products that I tasted there :)

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