Sunday, December 16, 2012

Avial-Vegetables in mildly spiced coconut gravy

Avial is one menu that you could see in almost all the functions…I was not a big fan of avial before but considering the nutrients and the richness I have started to love it like anything…Whenever I think my intake of veggies are low then I put up all the available veggies and make this avial…Avial pairs up well with Adai but we always use to have it as a side dish for our sambhar rice :)The preparation is very simple…you do not require any special ingredient but wrap up with the ones available in your pantry :)




Mixed vegetables 2 cups(I used carrots,potato, brinjal ,radish,raw banana,beans,yam
Grated coconut 1/4 cup
Green chilies 2 medium sized
Salt as required
Coconut oil 1 tbsp
curd 1 tbsp



1.Wash and cut the veggies into strips length wise…I use to have it this way :)

2.Add the veggies and required water and salt in a pressure cooker and let it cook it for one whistle not more than that as it may turn mushy.

3.Release the pressure and make sure that water content is very low and veggies was cooked fine…




4.Meanwhile grind the grated coconut and chilly to a coarse paste.Mix this paste with curd and keep it ready.

5.Switch on the stove and place the pressure cooker…Do not close it but add the coconut curd mixture and give it a quick stir and let it boil for 2 minutes..

6.Switch off the stove and add coconut oil and mix it well…

7.Serve it with sambhar rice or rice of your choice.


Where I went wrong in this recipe:

I did make some mistake during my previous attempts and would like to share it which would help others…


1.I added more water and when I released the cooker I could see the water content was high so always add only eno

ugh water for the veggies to boil not more than that…

2.But what can we do if the water content is high?No worries…Mix a tsp of rice flour in coconut curd mixture and add it to the avial…This way the gravy will turn thick…

3.Avoid pressure cooking for more than 2 whistles as the veggies would turn mushy.

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