Saturday, April 26, 2014

Neer Mor-Mildy spiced butter milk[Easy summer recipes]

Chennai summer is worse!I do not have the heart to get out of my home apart from the time I leave for work!And a week back I got dehydrated!I was someone who always told others than one should take enough liquids during the summer but I fell sick!completely got dehydrated and it took me a while to come back to normalcy…The husband got bottles and bottles of juice rich in electrolytes and I kept myself hydrated…It has been sometime since I drank tender coconut water…Oh yes that tells me that it has been sometime that the son and I went for a weekend morning walk to marina beach!So the point I wanted to tell is drink as much of water you could or drink buttermilk that helps your body to be hydrated!Even in office I have replaced my coffee with butter milk!

I associate neer mor with ramanavami…We make neer mor and panagam as  neivedhyam to Lord Rama…Here is an easy recipe :)Make it and relish the taste…




You will need?

Thick curd/ butter milk-1 cup

green chilies-1 inch piece

ginger-1 inch piece(wash and peel the skin,roughly chop it)

asafetida-1 tsp

salt-as required

coriander leaves-2 tsp(leaves alone finely chopped and washed)

How to make?

In a mixie add chopped ginger,chili,asafetida and salt and grind it well.

Then add the curd and grind it for a minute…If you feel concentrate add 1/2 cup water and mix it well.finally top it with coriander leaves.

Chill it in refrigerator and serve it cool.





Instead of grinding ginger and green chilies you can add it as chopped ones!

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