Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lassi-Mildly sweet beaten curds[Easy summer recipes]

I am on the spree of making easy summer recipes…Juices and curds takes the first seats and rest of the dishes were pushed to the next seat :):)As told earlier in my post butter milk is one thing I use often in summer…My son also loves curd like me!Even if he does not like to have food,I just give him a cup of curd and he relishes the taste…This easy lassi come to my respite and after lunch I convert the remaining curds into this lassi…Refrigerate it and gulp it in one sip :)

Now off to the easy lassi recipe.




You need?

Curds:1 cup

sugar-1 tsp or as per the need



Put the curds and sugar in a blender and blend it well.

If you feel it to be too concentrated add 1/2 cup water and mix well…Refrigerate it and have a cool lassi!


You can top it with ice cubes and served it chilled:)

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  1. Always welcome, would love to add some chaas masala and devour.