Monday, September 9, 2013

How to make rice flour for preparing savouries

With lotsa functions in the past and with lotsa celebrations in the future I have prepared a good number of dishes and all the pics are resting safe in my PC…I wanted to write a post on all the sweets and savories that I made…So I have decided to post all those recipes in my next few posts…Keep watching this space for more..
Rice flour is an essential ingredient for any savoury item and when the flour is perfect the outcome is also perfect…Since Ganesh chathurthi is today my next few posts are going to be related to kozhakkatai’s…The main ingredient for kozhakattai is rice flour…Let us see how to make this.

You will need

Raw rice 2 cups
Take 2 cups of rice and add water to it till the rice gets immersed…Let it soak in water for 15 minutes…

After 15 minutes completely drain the water and allow the rice to drain further using a tiny hole sieve.

Once you do not see any dripping water in the rice take a neat white cloth and spread it in floor…Add the drained rice to the cloth and spread it well…Let the rice dry for another 10 minutes…After that collect the rice in a vessel and grind it to smooth powder(I usually give it in rice mill)…Store it in a air tight container and use it when needed…
If you do not have a rice mill near your place grind it in a food processor and sieve the powder…The coarse particles with stay in the sieve…Add this coarse particles again in the processor  and grind it till smooth and continue the sieving process for the rest of the flour…
Your rice flour is perfectly ready!

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