Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cold coffee-Yummy coffee recipe

I am someone who love cold coffee a lot…I cannot even accept the addition of cream or ice cream in my cold coffee…Being a coffee lover that I am got addicted to this drink…I always thought that you will need magic ingredients to make this one but only later I did realize that all it requires is very easy ingredient that is readily available in the pantry…umm the moment I think of it,I could feel the taste in my tongue :p

cold coffee


Chilled milk 1 cup(boil the milk,cool it and then refrigerate it)
sugar as per the need
Instant coffee powder(I used BRU) 1 tsp or more to get the flavour and the color


In a blender add chilled milk,sugar and instant coffee powder and blend it well…Transfer it in a glass and enjoy.


You can add any ice cream of your choice and blend it to get a more creamy texture

You can even drizzle chocolate syrup and relish the taste.

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