Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cucumber salad[Easy salad recipe]

It has been sometime since I posted some recipe.I so badly wanted to write something…Office work keeps me busy during weekdays and works at home keeps me busy on weekend but I ensure that I try new varieties during weekend and relish the taste till the next weekend…We have started to include more veggies,salads and fruits juices in our daily menu..Even when I come late from office I make this salad and enjoy the goodness.

Cucumber 1 medium sized
salt a pinch
pepper powder a pinch or 2
jeera powder a pinch or 2(I used more as I love the flavour)


1.Peel the skin of the cucumber and slice it into thin rounds and keep it ready.
2.Just before serving add salt,pepper powder and jeera powder.Give it a quick mix and serve mmediately.

You can also add red chilli powder instead of pepper powder.
You can also add a drop or 2 of lemon juice if you wish to have the tangy effects.

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