Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to make lime squash-Easy juice recipes

Chennai Summer hmm it is unbearable…I quench my thirst either with nanari sharbath(I will post the recipe soon) or with the lemon juice…It hydrates your body and you gain loads of energy…My mom always prepares this lime squash and I got the recipe from her…Off to the recipe..


Lemon(medium sized) 5
Sugar 1 tbsp
ginger(small size) 1



1.Cut lemon vertically and get 2 pieces out of it.Carefully extract juice from it.Remember to remove the seeds from the juice as the seeds add bitter flavour to it.

2.Peel the skin of the ginger..Grind it nicely adding little water…Add the ginger juice in a cup and rest it for 10minutes..After 10 minutes take only the juice that floats at the top and discard the calcium powder that settles at the bottom..This way you can eliminate the impurities.

3.Add sugar in a wok with very little water and heat it…Add ginger juice too and stir well…Switch off the stove when the sugar syrups is before single thread consistency and sticky.

4.Allow the sugar syrup to cool and add lime juice and mixthe content well…Store it in a bottle.

How to serve:

Now that the lime squash is ready how to prepare lime juice?I would say you can do it all in a jiffy.

Take 1/4th of this syrup add required chill water and mix well..Serve it with ice cubes…Now you will agree that this is an easy juice recioe.


Allow the sugar syrup to cool and then add lime juice…Wj\hen you add lime juice when teh sugar syrup is hot the entire mixture would taste bitter.

Adjust sugar quantity accordingly.

You can even omit ginger..But it definitely adds flavour.

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