Sunday, May 12, 2013

Maa ladu-Easy sweet recipes

Maa ladu is an easy sweet recipe which can be prepared in a jiffy…My hubby likes this sweet and my mom makes it every time when she visit my place…I have no traces of eating this sweet during my childhood and I was not a fan of it…Every time We go for monthly provision purchase my MIL gets a pack of fried gram and I have nearly  5 such packets in my pantry and so decided to try this for the first time and it did turn out yummy :)

Maaa ladu


fried gram/pottu kadalai 1 cup
powdered sugar 1 cup
cardamom powder 1 tsp
ghee 2 tbsp
cashews broken(optional) 1 tsp

1.Using your food processor powder the fried gram well…Ensure it is powdered well.

2.The same way finely powder the sugar.

3.Take a wide place and add the powdered sugar and fried gram powder…Mix it well..Add cardamom powder to this mixture.Again mix it well.

4.In a wok heat 2 tsbp of ghee…Wait till vapours comes out of the ghee…Add this hot ghee to the fried gram and sugar powder and mix it well…If adding cashews,roast it in a tsp of ghee and add it after adding the ghee and mix well using a spoon.

5.Once you mix well the entire powder mixture would be warm and so you will be able to hold and form the round shape.

6.When the mixture is still warm using both the hands take more powder.Put both the hands together with the powder in the middle and shape the powder to round shape..Place it in a box,Similarly complete it for the entire powder mixture.

If you add more ghee your maa laadu will turn into perfect round shape.

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