Saturday, August 10, 2013

Masala Tea[Easy tea recipe]

Saturday and Sunday are meant to try new dishes at home.Weekdays my MIL takes care of the cooking activities  and I help her in cleaning activities…sometimes even during weekdays if I  come to home from office early before  by 08.00pm I make dinner…So weekends I take the charge and try something or the other..My FIL makes the morning decoction and I have the habit of wrapping our tea time at 03.00pm…Some days we   run out of coffee decoction and we don’t like to have instant coffees…In such cases tea comes as respite…Normal tea is sometimes boring so I try either ginger tea,cardamom tea or masala tea…I will post the other tea recipes sometime soon…Masala tea is just flavorful with the blend of all the spices…Sipping a hot cup of masala tea on a raining day is what I like the most :)Now off to the recipe…


Masasla tea


tea powder/tea leaves 3tsp
sugar as per the need
cardamom powder 1 tsp
bay leaves a small leaf
cloves 5
cinnamon 2 small sticks
ginger(peel the skin and smash it well using a pestle and mortar) 1 small piece smashed
water 1 cup
boiled milk 1 cup



1.Boil milk and keep it ready.

2.In a wok add water,tea powder,cardamom powder,cinnamon sticks,bay leaves,cloves and smashed ginger and allow it to boil…

3.When the mixture boils well and comes to brim…simmer the stove and allow it to boil well…This helps to get a thick and flavorful essence…Let it boil for 5 minutes…

4.After 5 minutes switch off the stove and filter the contents to get only the essence.

5.Take a tumbler add sugar.Add the prepared essence to 1/4th of the tumbler and pour milk…Mix well and enjoy the masala tea.Use more essence if you need dark tea.



1.You can use tea leaves in place of tea powder.Here I do not get good tea leaves and so I use tea powder.

2.Instead of preparing the essence first you can directly add all the spices in the milk and allow it boil well and then you can strain and serve it hot :)

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