Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sakkarapongal/Paal Pongal[Festival sweet recipes]-The pressure cooker way!

Been sometime since I blogged.Completely held up with my professional and personal life :)I make ready made mixes,pastes during weekend so I that could make my food in a  jiffy during the hustling bustling weekdays :)Planning menu the before day and cutting veggies beforehand helps me a lot!So I was not able to capture any dishes that I made and since I do not want my blog to go to hibernation,I was checking my drafts and yes got the sakkarapongal :)
Be in Friday or any other auspicious day,I opt to make this sweet pongal as it is hassle free :)The one recipe that I am so confident and it is definitely a never fail recipe for me after trying it for some many times.
Paal pongal


rice 1 cup
Boiled milk 2 cups
Raw milk(not boiled) 2 cups
water 1 to 1.5 cups
Jaggery 1 cup(nicely grated)
raisins and cashews 1 tsp"(roasted in the ghee)
1.Put the rice in a the cooker and wash it well…Drain the water…Add  2 cups of   of the raw(not boiled) milk plus 1 cup of water and pressure cook it for 5 whistles..Wait till the pressure releases.
2.Once the pressure is released,open the cooker and smash the contents well with a ladle.Smashing the content is important as we want the sweet pongal to be gooey :)
3.Switch on the stove place the cooker and add 2 cups of boiled milk and mix the contents well..
4.When the mixture starts to boil add the grated jaggery and simmer the stove till the jaggery melts..
5.Once the jaggery completely melts,turn the flame to high and mix the contents well…
6.Add the roasted cashews and raisins and mix it well…When it attains the semi solid consistency,switch off the stove as it would turn solid once it gets cooled.
7.Serve it with a dollop of ghee and enjoy the sweet ambrosia.

I have heard from people making it with moong dal and using water instead of milk…Have not tried it though!
You can add or subtract the jaggery quantity as per your sweetness.
You can also add cardamom powder to pongal

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