Monday, September 19, 2011

Lemon rice

Been a while since I blogged and I am breaking my hibernation now :)Loads and loads of recipes are resting in my stash and I would like to share it on a regular basis.So here I start again with the recipes.

            When I was in school I always wanted curd rice for my lunch.My mom tried every possible way to change curd rice to yummy dishes on my box and gradually I started to have shuffled dishes on my box though I still have loads and loads of  cravings for curd rice.

            Lemon rice is one such recipe which I usually  took to school once in a week and being a person who loves to take tangy food this recipe is no exception for me and I go gaga with  lemon rice.I prepare it often but still feel my version con't even stand with my mom's preparation.Here goes the recipe part which my mom prepares.


Salt as required

as required
Turmeric powder
a pinch

For seasoning:

Mustard seeds
Urad dal
Chenna dal(split)
Green chillies
as per your spiciness
Roasted peanuts
Curry leaves
a sprig
a pinch


1.Take the juice out of the lemon and pour it in a wide vessel.Make sure you don't add the seed with the juice because the seed gives bitter taste to your rice so remove it from the juice.

2.Add required salt and turmeric to the lemon juice.

3.Chop the green chillies into fine pieces.

.Take a wok and add oil.Wait till it gets heated.

5.Once it is heated add mustard seeds, urad dal,chenna dal(split),green chillies,curry leaves,asafetida and wait till the dal turns golden color.If you use roasted peanuts add it with dal.I didnot use it.

The seasoning

6.Add this seasoning to the lemon juice mixture and stir well.

7.Add the steamed rice and mix well to make sure that lemon essence and seasoning are incorporated well with the rice.

8.Serve it hot.I usually love to have lemon rice with vadam or potato curry.
Sumptuous lemon rice