Sunday, March 24, 2013

Karadeiyan nombu special-Kara adai


When I was in my mom’s place amma use to make kara and vella adai for karadaiyan nombu…After marriage I heard from my MIL that they do not celebrate karadaiyan nombu…But still I had the urge to make these lovely adais and made it on a normal day…

Significance of karadaiyan nombu:

Savitri brought back his husband Sathyvan alive on this day from the hands of Yama…So all married women celebrate this nombu for the well being of their husband…Unmarried woman pray god to get nice life partner…Scared yellow thread is tied around neck on this day…I remember chanting below sloka while We tied  the yellow thread.

Urugadha vennaiyum oradaiyum naantharuven

Orunaalum yen kanavar piriyamal yirukavendum

Kara adai and vella adai is made as neivedhyam…Butter is placed as an accompaniment ..

Kara adai




Rice flour(maling of rice flour is mentioned below) 1 cup
mustard seeds 1/2 tsp
grated coconut 1/2 cup
green chilies 2 medium sized
ginger a very small piece
salt as required
water 3/4th of a cup
oil 1 tsp
Cow peas/Karamani(soak it overnight and next day boil it and keep it ready) 1/2 cup


1.Soak raw rice in water for 2 hours..After 2 hours wash the rice and drain it from water…Spread the rice in clean cloth for  20 minutes…After 20 minutes take the rice and grind it to a fine powder,the rice will still have moisture at this stage…I usually give it in rice mill…

2.Take a cup of rice powder…Add it in a wok and dry roast it…Ensure it does not change the color…Take it in a plate.

3.Peel the skin of the ginger and roughly cut it into pieces…add grated coconut,ginger pieces  and green chilly and grind it to a nice paste..

4.In another wok add oil and once it gets heated add mustard seeds and allow it to splutter…add water and wait till it starts to boil…add the ground paste and allow it to boil for a minute…keep the stove in low flame and start adding the roasted rice flour and stir well…add boiled cowpeas at this stage..ensure that the water mixture is completely observed and u see more of the rice flour…It should be solid with moisture content in it…Allow the dough to cool.

5.Smear your hands with oil or ghee and mix the dough well.

6.Pinch a small ball from the dough..Form patties and if needed a little hole in  the centre or create an impression like a hole in the centre.

7.Arrange the patties in the idli steamer and steam it for 20 minutes or till it is cooked well.

8.Serve it hot :)

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